With summer now in full swing, there are plenty of opportunities to get out in the garden and do some outdoor activities. The sound of lawnmowers can be heard everywhere, the smell of overcooked burgers on barbecues is in the air and people are constantly checking the weather forecasts to see if they can get out and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. Another favourite pastime in Britain when the sun comes out is to get the bucket and sponge out and wash the car – and that is what leads me on to my topic for this month’s blog.

Car owners are more frequently leaving their cars parked on the driveway or in the street, despite the fact that they have a perfectly good garage. In some cases, it may be that the garage has been deliberately used for another purpose – many people I meet have, for example, turned their garages into a home office or a gym and chosen to utilise their space that way. However, other people simply have not got the room to park their cars inside the garage because it has been turned into a spare room or, more often than not, a simple dumping ground for items that cannot be placed anywhere else.

Often neglected, a garage can be given a new lease of life with some simple tidying. Admittedly it cannot always be the most appealing task, especially if there previously has been a car kept in there and there is a lot of dirt and oil around, but it will be worth it in the long run to make the most of all your available space. And if you wish to be able to park your car in the garage once again, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still use the area for some storage. Basic shelving units and baskets can be purchased cheaply and allow you to keep everything sorted and tidy – especially useful for the items that you would normally expect in a garage, such as tools or cleaning equipment.

Garages, like any room in the house, can easily slip into that category of dumping room – a place where we leave items that we can say to ourselves “I won’t throw that away, it might come in handy”. This is a trap that many of us can fall in to but it is a cycle that we can get out of with a little effort – an hour or two of sorting out and clearing, maybe a couple of trips to the local recycling centre or tip, can get rid of items that you no longer require and help you to declutter. And if the weather is nice, there’s no excuse stop you getting outside and having a good clear out.

Alternatively, you may not wish to use your garage for your car, especially if you have a perfectly good driveway to park on and would rather use the additional room to maximise your space. If this is the case, the only things that can stop you are the size if your budget and your own imagination. You may have a fitness goal and want to put your sports equipment in there, it may be the best place for your home office and workspace, or you may wish to use it as a utility room and free up some space in your kitchen or elsewhere in your house. Ultimately, the most important thing to do is to take a bit of time, make a plan and be sensible with what you do.

As always the ultimate goal is not necessarily to just throw everything away, it is all about maximising the space you have and getting the most out of your home. Regardless of the size or the space you have available, if you spend some initial time getting things in order and having everything in place then it will save you a lot of time and effort in the future. If you’re reading this and thinking that you want to organise your rooms – whether it is your garage, your kitchen, or your entire home – but you feel you need help, please get in contact and I can help create some room for you to breathe.
Now, get out there and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!




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