We’re into October, the nights are drawing in, the Halloween decorations and fireworks are in the shops (not to mention the Christmas items that are already on sale) and the warm jumpers and big coats are looking more and more tempting. It’s the time of year when the central heating jumps back into life, warm comfort foods such as stew become more appealing and curling up on the sofa with a warm mug (or maybe a little whisky) becomes really tempting.
I have previously mentioned in my blog about swapping theclothes in your wardrobe pending on the weather, especially if you’re short of space, and now is the time to do it if you need a bit of a tidy – little vests, shorts and other Summer clothing arenot going to be much use on a cold, wet and windy nights so it makes sense to pack them out of the way and replace them with your gloves, woolly hats and everything else to keep you toasty. Not only does this rotation save a lot of space in your wardrobes and cupboard space, it also ultimately saves time when you want to head out on a cold evening.
This time of year is also a good time for tidying and clearing space, especially for anyone who has children. I know it seems far too soon to be discussing Christmas but, inevitably, it is fast approaching and thoughts will already be turning to who will be eating where, which family members and friends will be popping round on Boxing Day and, for many, what perfect gift to get for their loved ones. The gift-giving does, however, result in the question of where you are going to put the new items you receive yourself. This is the sort of dilemma that can often be resolved by some decluttering, especially if you have young children who have grown bored of certain toys. Sometimes it can seem harsh but you have to be sensible (and a little ruthless) when it comes to clearing out and tidying up but that’s not to say you simply have to throw things away. The chances are that many people have plenty of perfectly good items in their homes that are simply not being used – why not take the opportunity to pack some items up and donate them to charity shops or, if you have items of a higher value, you can quite easily sell items on.
Another element of life that can end up seeing your home get more cluttered is the constant bombardment of pre-Christmas sales. There are plenty of bargains to be snapped up, whether it is for clothing, technology or something else, but if you do end up buying new items and then struggling for space to keep it, then you really need to declutter. Generally, large items such as furniture or technology items, are only purchased when they need replacing but there are numerous homes that still have old sofas kept in the garage or old televisions up in the loft and taking up space.
With clothing, it’s back to my old adage of looking at how much you actually need and how often you actually wear certain clothes – if you are struggling for room or you have something that you have not worn for over a year then you really should consider if it can make way for something else.
As always, if you want help with any aspect of decluttering but feel that you would need some assistance, feel free to get in touch. It can always be a bit overwhelming to know where to start and I can easily help guide you through some simple steps to help declutter and tidy, regardless of the size of space you need help with. Additionally, if you have items that you want to sell on, I can help you with this too so that you can clear space and also maybe make some money back on your unused stuff.
Whatever you do, make sure you plan ahead – a little bit of time now will save you lots of time in the future and you’ll have far more time to enjoy all the festivities that this time of year has to offer, whether that’s a fancy dress party for Halloween, watching a local fireworks display or simply curling up on the sofa with a warm bowl of soup in front of your favourite TV box set on Netflix.
Declutter. Organise. Sort.